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Audit and Assurance

The Stuart & Hamlyn audit process adds value to clients by:

Stuart & Hamlyn' proven best practice delivers superior service and essential assurance, enhanced by sophisticated audit technology.

Internal control review
The internal auditor is key to an organisation's wellbeing, especially as regulatory demands increase. As fully independent auditors, Stuart & Hamlyn complements your internal control systems, reviewing operations on a regular basis.

Due diligence, Corporate governance and compliance
Stuart & Hamlyn delivers quality information and superior strategic solutions like evaluating business drivers, balance sheet essentials, key relationships and taxation issues to help you make the right decisions.
Our due diligence involves preparing a comprehensive report including financial modelling scenarios to ascertain working capital requirements for proposed acquisitions and mergers.

Stuart & Hamlyn uses internationally esteemed audit technology, In-house software makes the entire audit process paperless.

Additional services

Our team
Stuart & Hamlyn is expert in best practice governance and internal auditing. We work widely with both listed and private clients and guarantee director contact for all projects.