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Managing Partner

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The introduction of corporate tax here in UAE will have significant impact on businesses of all sizes. I would like to provide some insight to help to navigate the changes and ensure that all are fully prepared.

1. Stay informed: Keep up to date with the latest developments regarding the introduction of corporate tax. This includes changes to tax laws, regulations and rates, as well as adhering to deadlines for filing and paying taxes.

2. Review your financial records: Make sure that your financial records are accurate and up-to-date as per the requirement of tax authorities. Make sure that you keep accurate records of all your financial transactions.

3. Seek professional advice: If you are unsure about how the introduction of corporate tax will affect your business, it is advisable to seek professional advice. A professional can help you to comply with the new rules and minimize your tax liabilities through possible tax planning.

4. Plan ahead: Don't wait until the last minute to start preparing for the introduction of corporate tax. Plan and make any necessary changes to your business. "If you fail to plan ahead, you are planning to fail,” said American polymath Benjamin Franklin.

To conclude, it is our responsibility to use our resources, skills and influence to drive positive change in the world. This means prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices, supporting our employees, customers and communities and leveraging technology for the general good.

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